Mantoos WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

Give’s Easy Way To Sell & Accept Payments

Mantoos is a webshop system that offers WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin for growing your small business.

It’s designed for small vendors selling a few products & services through WordPress.

The Shopping Cart Plugin is designed with a focus on sale pages, order experience for vendors.

Selling products like website development, offer training, photography, non-profits, gyms, life coaches, legal services, freelancers, app developers, and designers.

Best eCommerce shopping cart solution for small business. Its simplicity and minimalistic design help small vendors to sell more with less headache.

Mantoos WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin
Mantoos - Very easy to setup

Very easy to setup
Designed with the simplicity & necessity in mind, all never to be used options stripped off a robust solution that works charms

Mantoos - No additional add-ons needed

No additional add-ons needed
All you need to sale, accept payment and make sale pages (pricing tables, comparison tables, sliders, one-page checkout etc included.

Mantoos - Designed for Freelancers, Startups, and SMB

Designed for Freelancers, Startups, and SMB
There are millions who sale thousands of products and billions who sell a few products and services. Mantoos is designed for billions.

Mantoos Great Plugin for Small Vendors

The Mantoos eCommerce Shopping Cart Plugin is a comprehensive & smart solution for making your e-commerce store in WordPress. We have kept it ultra simple in terms of setting up a new store.

If you sell a few products or services Need simple and clean checkout

  • Do not need a product catalog
  • Do not need inventory functions
  • Do not want to hire developers to setup your web shop
shopping cart

Mantoos is not for you if

    • If you have thousands of products
    • If you need complex shipping add-ons
    • Need searchable catalog with inventory management
    • Your users usually do not order tens of products
      Need product variations
    • NIf you want to combine multiple plugins

Features That Matter

Mantoos includes all the necessary features that are actually needed to sell service or a simple product in a single package.

Management Highlights

  • Easy to set up and manage even for novice WP users
  • Configure for recurring billing, processing refunds, and more
  • Auto discount calculation on multiple billing cycles
  • Integrates with Google Analytics for conversion tracking and more
  • Works with over 150 currencies and four price formats
  • Sale options to increase leads
  • No extensions needed to access all the features
  • Sell Products, Services or subscriptions
Mantoos - Management Highlights
Mantoos - Sale & Lead Pages

Sale & Lead Pages

  • Built-in pricing tables with 50 plus templates
  • Product sliders with 10 templates
  • Auto created complex comparison tables over 20 templates
  • Rich snippets for better google ranking
  • One-click Buy Now links for your other marketing platforms (e.g. email, social)
  • Customize your design or use pre-made templates

Selling & Ordering Process

  • Single and Multistep Order Pages
  • 5x Single Page templates for quick ordering
  • Minimal & simple interface
  • Over 35 built-in payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal Running right away
  • Customize your design or use pre-made templates
Mantoos - Selling & Ordering Process

Why Mantoos

A choice that makes the difference

Mantoos WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin for Businesses can be limited to non-tech users when it comes to how you layout your services on sale pages. This is where Mantoos stands out the most. You got different product layout schemes and prebuilt sections that you can insert directly into all 4 most used page builders. Whereas for all others e-commerce plugins and woo-commerce do not offer such options.