5 Best Variations You Can Bring To A Regular Omelette

Omelettes are the easiest as well as the most common choice for Breakfast for a lot of people around the world. They hardly take any time to cook, and always taste great. However, have you become bored of your classic plain Omelette that you make everyday, or the Cheese Omelette that you happen to make once in a while?

Well, you can now add a lot of different ingredients to yourOmeletteto make them more interesting. Here are five great variations for you to try:

The Healthy Choice

This one is ideal for kids, especially the ones who love eggs, but hate the veggies! Chop and toss whatever vegetables you fancy, and add them to your Omelettes with cheese, and a few good herbs, such as Basil or Rosemary. You can make it like a Country Special Omelette with mushrooms, corn, and maybe a little bit of roasted chicken if you like.

Spinach and Corn

You?re tried the classic Spinach and Corn combination with cheese in sandwiches. Now try incorporating the same in your Omelettes. Some people also fancy this variation with a little bit of mashed potatoes. And of course, cooking in Olive Oil can do the magic of adding more taste and health to this one.

Tangy DelightGarden_Omelette

How would you fancy a light yet delicious Omelette with sundried tomatoes and a little bit of Feta cheese, If you like it cheesier, then you can even opt for Mozzarella Cheese. If the kids like it, try adding crushed walnuts for some extra texture and taste.

A Fishy Affair

Get fish sauce, the dill and scallions to get a perfectly tasty Omelette, which is not only a great choice for Breakfast, but can also help you to have a healthy treat for Supper! If you’d rather like it simple, just get fish chunks in steamed form, and add them to your Omelette just like any other topping. Add your choice of sauces and cheese, and you?re good to go!

Like A Pizza!

You can also give your Omelette the feeling of a tasty pizza, by adding caramelized onions and bell peppers, with a lot of cheese. You can add oregano and chili flakes for taste, and your wonderful creation will taste well with ketchup too.

Sometimes, people use leftover vegetables to add to their Omelette, which is a great way of cleaning your fridge and making something delicious at the same time. Omelettes get a nice flavor when they are made in butter or regular oil, but health conscious people should ideally opt for only Olive Oil.


Depending on how you like it, you can make your Omelettes with one, two or even three eggs. Some people like it with toasted bread and baked beans, while others prefer it with a small sprout salad to complete their meal. So go ahead, feel creative, and make some variant of your own, using veggies, spices, meat and other interesting toppings. We never have enough variations to Omelettes!


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