Adam Sandler

Latest death hoax…….Adam Sandler died in a snowboarding accident???

First of all, keep your heart beats normal as Adam Sandler is alive and well. Yes, Adam Sandler is also one of the latest victims of fake Internet death rumors as it is suggested that American multi-talented guy passed away on Tuesday. According to the rumor, Adam Sandler died during a Christmas skiing trip accident and experienced many fatal injuries.
The Sandlers spokesperson dismissed this false speculation by telling people that Adam is quite safe and sound. Moreover, it is also said that this isnt completely true and nothing just irresponsible journalism.
Sandler is the latest sparkling star who has had to tend a Christmas death prank..before this the false death hoax victims included Morgan Freeman, Charlie Sheen, Aretha Franklin and Justin Bieber. Why such rumors buzz all over the globe.???

May you live long Adam Sandler!!!

Adam Sandler

Latest death hoax.Adam Sandler died in a snowboarding accident???

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