Adding Best Jewellery into your Shopping Cart

Jewellery is women’s favourite thing for shopping. Which lady doesn’t want to get all the beautiful expensive jewels in their cupboard? Probably none. So some tips are vital, which take cares in making the wise decision.

Women are simply crazy about their stuff and shopping. It is the most important thing that brings happiness in their life and a big smile on their faces. Shopping is an activity that they can do at any time, unstoppably. Shopping can make your lady happier but shopping is of many types in their life, it is not only limited to clothes or grocery but jewellery plays an essential part in it.

Jewellery puts an additional charm in women’s beauty; it signifies women in other words. Now whether it is diamond, pearl or gold shopping of these can only bring tons of happiness nothing else. Let’s look at these jewel items;


There is a saying regarding diamonds that they are the women’s best friends. They value of diamond is entirely dependent of following 4c’s;

1) Cut

2) Clarity

3) Colour

4) Carat

Cut: Represents how it has been shaped.

Clarity: Its purity, flawless.

Colour: Wide range starts from colourless diamond to yellow.

Carat: It is diamond’s weight.

Women must follow some tips when going on shopping for womens all-time favourite diamonds.

Tips and Guidelines

these guidelines are very important for selecting the right choice and for making wise decision;

1) Invest some time on educating yourself for diamonds and collect knowledge about it.

2) Make sure when you seeing your diamond it is not having a black background otherwise it may be wrong perception of an eye. Yes black background gives wrong opinion to your eye so always check diamond under magnification like using magnifying glass.

3) Do quality comparison of diamond shops, be smart enough to judge those 4c’s.

4) Diamonds also may be fractured or lesser treatments for enhanced and improved looks, it is always good to ask salesperson about the treatment of diamonds

5) Get everything in written.



Gold is single word in itself, which is pure gold or 24 karat. Gold is soft to increase hardness usually other different metals are mixed with it in order to increase the toughness and the hardness. Different kind of gold is available in market; you can find a wide range of designs which may be little bit more costly then generic gold. Some essential guidelines that might help you in your gold shopping are as follow;

Tips and Guidelines

1) Confirm its purity.

2) Confirm that the product has correctly marked karat and manufacturer is mentioned.

3) Sometimes karat mentioned on item varies from the weight mentioned in receipt. So it is always a useful tip to check and confirm.

4) Check if you think this item can be vulnerable in future or can be damaged.



Pearls are precious but if and only if they are natural. Oysters, which are molluscs, usually make real and natural pearls and other molluscs may also be used in making.

There are many ways of choosing it but usually they are evaluated on the basis of lustre, size, colour, blemishes and shape. Another consideration is its skin.

Tips and Guidelines

Some important tips for pearl shopping are as follow;

1) You should have complete information whether that pearls are cultured, imitation or natural.

2) Lustre has always been an important factor so one must ask about the durability of it.

3) Ask everything regarding its maintenance.

4) Take everything into receipt (written)

Pearls are highly valuable and are in demand nowadays, you will be finding pearls all over the world. Dubai, Abu Dhabi online pearls jewellery shopping is so much in nowadays; it is one of the modern technological ways of shopping. Abu Dhabi pearls are known to be very famous in golf countries.

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