Anna Nicole Smith

Ex-boyfriend Stern’s greed was behind Anna’s death.

Stern and Eroshevich decision is to be made by 6 January. Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend and lawyer Howard K. Stern was convicted by a Los Angeles jury yesterday of giving false names and acting by fraud to obtain prescriptions; and former psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich was convicted of conspiracy and unlawfully prescribing Vicodin. Whereas, a second doctor, Sandeep Kapoor, was acquitted on all charges.
What a sad example of our drug addicted world. In some peoples opinion Anna was completely responsible for becoming an addict, if she was in pain, depressed or whatever her sorry excuse was. Everyone is in pain, that doesn’t mean to abuse narcotics is the reasonable answer! BUT the DR!!!! They have an obligation to set standards and do the right thing!
39 years old, topless model died of an accidental overdose in 2007. The prescriptions were issued between June 2004 and January 2007, just weeks before Smith’s death. Investigators found more than 600 pills including about 450 muscle relaxants. Ultimately, it was syrup, the powerful sleeping aid chloral hydrate that was blamed to be the cause of her death.

Stern and Eroshevich remain free pending a hearing on January 6 in which the defense can file a motion for a new trial. If the motion is denied, the judge can sentence both defendants, but it was not immediately clear how much prison time, if any, they could face. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Perry hinted before the verdicts were returned that if any defendants were found guilty, he would consider “possible selective prosecution issues” when sentencing them. He would have the power to reduce most of the felony charges to misdemeanors.

Anna Nicole Smith

Ex-boyfriend Sterns greed was behind Annas death.

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