Backyard Summer Activity Treasure Jar

This is an exciting summer activity which may keep your kids busy indoor to avoid getting sunburn in the hardest summer days of the nation this summer. You need following material to kick off this activity immediately. Just collect a few such ideas to keep your kids busy with full of fun and excitement as long as you wish:
– Pen, paper and scissors.
– A small, medium or large (as you think better, its up to you) plastic jar to make as treasure jar.
– Finally, collect 15 to 20 items to make them treasure in the jar including shiny bead, seashell, googly eye or paper clip etc.
1 You may give your kids a task of collecting tiny but interesting treasures finding from different stuffs around the house. Your kids will love this activity.
2 Now cut out a circle-type paper by tracing the jar lid onto a plane white paper. Use this circle paper to list all collected treasure items by your kids, just to make it easy for players actually what to look for.
3 Now use some birdseed and pour about an inch or two into your treasure jar. Drop some treasure items (not more than 3 or 4 in the start) into this jar. You should drop a few more items as soon as you pour an inch or two more birdseed into the jar. Repeat the process until you get your jar filled up to an inch or two of the jar top. This top space should be left empty only to make it easy for players to move around when shaken. The lid should be screwed on to kick off the game.
4 Dont forget to tape the circle paper (carrying items list) to the lid and using more tape to seal the jar shut tightly. Finally, a good shake is required to give it to the jar to start this funniest game of this summer.


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