Five Of The Best Family Adventures

Travelling with kids doesn?t mean you have to stick close to home or go for the easy-but-dull holiday options. There are plenty of travel companies who specialise in more ?out there? family holidays, and you can practically pick from any destination on the world map.

With the all the planning taken care of, you can do precisely what you came on holiday to do – spend quality family time together. Here are five family adventure holiday ideas to get you started.

Northern lights and snowy adventures in Scandinaviasnow in scandinavia

Winter holidays don?t just mean skiing. Lots of winter holidays geared towards families go for a mix and match approach as they understand the need to cater for everyone. Choose a winter holiday in Scandinavia and you can ski and snowboard to your heart?s content, and also spend time learning to snow shoe, go on a husky sledge ride, and even stay overnight in an igloo (in Sweden?s Ice Hotel). Scandinavia is also a good spot to see the Northern Lights ? this mesmerizing natural phenomenon of swirling colours in the night sky is sure to leave even the most hard-to-please family member with their mouth wide open in surprise.

Track down mini beasts in Costa Rica

Track down mini beasts in Costa RicaCosta Rica is bursting with insects and animals and is a brilliant place to go on a hunt for mini-beasts. Here howler monkeys and toucans will be your neighbours, making everyday a real-life science and geography lesson. With incredible natural scenery from jungles to volcanoes to incredible coastline, you can spend your days walking, snorkelling, zip-lining through cloud forests, learning to surf or just kicking back on warm sandy beaches. Costa Rica is the happiest place on the planet according to the world happiness index, so there?s sure to be smiles all round.



Marvel at big landscapes in the USAMarvel at big landscapes in the USA

Take a family road trip through America and marvel at some of the most impressive landscapes on the planet. From the natural landscapes of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park, to the larger than life cities like Chicago and New York ?and not forgetting California, home of childhood dreams, Disneyland -?family adventure holidays?in America promise something for everyone and could keep you entertained for years. A small group tour is often the best way to travel for families, taking you to all the best bits.

Discover Inca civilization in PeruDiscover Inca civilization in Peru

Home to the world-famous Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca lost city, Peru is a great place for curious kids and adults alike. With older kids you can walk the world-famous Inca Trail, ending up at Machu Picchu and discover cloud forest and incredible scenery along the way. Don?t miss the ancient city of Cuzco and the Sacred Valley too, and be sure to taste the flavours of Peruvian cuisine in Lima – the fried guinea pig might not go down so well with all members of your troupe, but there are plenty of dishes that will.

Discover deserts and history in Jordan

Petra ? the ?rose red city? ? is Jordan?s jewel in its crown, a wonderful orange-hued city seeping with history. Watch Indiana Jones before you go ? the Treasury was one of the settings for the third Indy movie?The Last Crusade. After whisking yourself back centuries and exploring the fascinating history of the country, bring yourself back to the 21st century and head to the deserts of Wadi Rum. If you get the chance, an overnight camping trip under the inky-black desert night skies is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience – something you?ll be talking about over the dinner table for years.

Discover deserts and history in Jordan

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