The 3 Best Fighting Games of the Year

2013 is far from over, but there have already been quite a few titles released that are well worth looking into. It?s been a great year for game releases big and small, and it?s been a particularly good year for fighting games thus far.

Essential Fighting Games For 2013

Looking to get caught up on the fighting games of 2013? Then check out any one or even all of these 3 best fighting games of the year so far:

Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3, Xbox 360):


One of the most hotly anticipated fighting games of the year is already making some huge waves amongst players. This game isn?t just trying to coast by on the opportunity to see your favorite DC heroes and villains go at it (let?s finally settle that Superman vs. Batman debate!).?Injustice: Gods Among Us?also features incredible gameplay mechanics, customization options aplenty, and one of the best stories ever created for a fighting game. This is a prime example of a game living up to its hype. It?s going to be difficult to knock this game off its throne throughout the rest of the year.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3, Xbox 360):


You don?t have to actually be a fan of this hugely popular manga and Anime series to enjoy?Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. The game continues to build nicely on the foundation created by past titles, and it?s a great introduction to these games for first-timers. Again, you don?t really have to know the source material to get a lot of fun out of this. All you have to do is appreciate the assortment of colorful, unique characters, the incredibly smooth gameplay, and the addictive nature of the game?s overall style. That?s not too difficult.?Ultimate Ninja Storm?isn?t just a great example of the?Naruto?games. It?s also just a great all-around fighting game.

Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3, Xbox 360):


With online play, HD graphical filtering, in-game achievements, and the opportunity to see the history of the series, it?s pretty safe to say that the gods and monsters of?Darkstalkers?are back.?Darkstalkers Resurrection?contains two games,?Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, and?Darkstalkers 3. Both offer classic 2D brawling. Both are incredible examples of the kinds of fighting games Capcom has been successfully putting out for the past several decades. These are definitely old-school hits, but the fun derived from playing these games will run far deeper than mere nostalgia. These are games that have aged exceptionally well on every front, and because Capcom tweaked them in all the right ways, it?s not unreasonable at all to call this release one of the best fighting titles of 2013. It?s important to look towards the future, but that doesn?t mean we can?t invite the past along as well.

Great 2013 Fighting Games

There will be several more fighting games coming out soon. It will be interesting to what the 3cool fighting gameswill be by the end of the year.

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