Best places to get online education

With the prices of institutions rising, education is becoming an unaffordable affair. To help with this problem, many online education sites have been created. These sites provide with supplemental learning as well as top-notch information of all fields. Although the online resources will not get you a degree of any sort, however, it helps you in gathering knowledge on various issues and preparing for any kind of exam. There are a series of online resources and here is a list of the best few.

The Khan Academy

This site focuses mostly on math, from basic arithmetic to calculus, and also few concepts of science. It has the contributions of one person, and virtual chalkboard and Youtube, and is more focused than most other sites. It discusses complicated concepts in a simple and easily understandable manner.


MIT is ranked as one of the top universities across the world, and is renowned for having produced many scholars. However, getting through MIT means grand fees and top-ranking scores. MIT OpenCourseWare offers an opportunity to the candidates who could not manage to make it to MIT; one can select any course one likes and take online classes and tests.

Academic Earth


This site brings together the study materials of various subjects offered by 19 different universities. It has wonderful search option, and you can search material individually and more specifically. It also allows subject-wise searching. All the uploaded lectures are rated by its users, which prove useful when you are doing a hurried research and want assistance regarding good material.


Wikiversity has proved to be a great site for all kinds of resources, organized in the pattern of a tree. Individual topics can be explored through the broader categories. It also allows uploading of resources by the users. Wikiversity is one of the most loved sites, as it offers text like resources and is very organized in its categorization.

Textbook Revolution

Textbook Revolution attempts at making textbooks available for free on the net. It has an excellent database, and materials can be searched on the basis of categories that can be browsed through. It makes online research and study easier and definitely so much cheaper.

University of Reddit

It was set up by a group of people who wanted to make more reading materials available for free. It offers a wide variety of courses including drawing, computer programming or even filmmaking. The materials are quite helpful and allow you to learn things at your own speed and comfort.

Text-based Learning

Often, following a lecture of listening to someone talk can be tedious and does not always lead to a convenient way of learning. Text-based Learning provides you with reference materials for all kinds of concepts and subjects. Reading these online texts and going back again to particular phrases helps in a better understanding of the subject. It is highly recommended to those who prefer reading from a text than watching videos or listening to online lectures.

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