The 3 Best Puzzle Games Of All Time

There have been many different puzzle games that have come out over the years, though there are a certain few which are more memorable than the others because of the challenges they present to players as well as other things which make them so fun and engaging. With many different types of puzzle games to choose from, the following are a few of the very best which have achieved success among both critics and gamers alike.


This game starts off shrouded in mystery with a character who doesn?t know where they are or why they are there. There is no doubt that this mind-bending puzzle game has endeared itself to many players and is considered to be one of the very best ever made so far. Part of what makes this game so challenging and unique is that it is based on the idea of transportation via portals where the player is never sure whether they are entering or exiting the world as they know it.

Throughout this game there are numerous small puzzles which need to be solved before the player can move on to the next part, offering quite the challenge for even the most seasoned gamer. The game itself is rather easy to adjust to, though there are still a lot of curveballs which are thrown your way as you go keep jumping through portal after portal. In Portal there are 19 different levels, each one filled with its own unique puzzles to solve and intense gameplay which makes it one of the more memorable games of this genre in recent memory.


Although it may be true that Tetris is one of the oldest puzzle video games there are, it is undoubtedly a classic and has been duplicated numerous times by developers who have hoped to put a unique spin on this Game Boy game which has inspired so many others.


When Tetris first came out it instantly got thousands of players hooked. While there is a relatively simplistic and repetitive feel to this game, there is just something about it which sets it apart from all of the others. Even though there have been numerous imitations since its release, it still remains as one of the very?best puzzle games?ever to be conceived.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

In 2010 Pac-Man Championship Edition DX was released, putting an entirely new spin on the very classic puzzle arcade game. Although this installment in the Pac-Man series is very reminiscent of the original, there have been a few additions and changes which have been made. One of the most noteworthy changes that was made in this game is the new clothes have Pac-Man has, as well as the fact that is not being constantly chased by the ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Instead this little yellow dot-eater sneaks up on variations of these classic antagonists while they are sleeping. While the original Pac-Man will always have a place in many gamers? hearts, this one does bring a lot of new and interesting elements to the series.


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