Best Ways to maximize the use of finance apps for iPad/iPhone

Financial apps are a great way to manage your budget from your smartphone or tablet PC, be it credit or debit card transactions or manipulating your stocks. They save you a lot of time as you can use them on the go. There are thousands of them waiting for you on Apple?s App Store, from which you can choose the ones that will best suit your needs. Here, we tell you how to select a best financial app and also how to use it efficiently.

Personal Budget Management:

appThese simple apps help you keep a track of your spending as well as easily calculate what you could save.They can make a lot of difference in the way you manage your finances especially in these recession-hit times.

If you have a high rate of money inflows and outflows from your account, these apps help you quickly keep a track of the available balance and where the money is going from your bank account even if the banks delay updating it.They also allow you toset goals for savings also sync with other devices and share your account with other users. ?An excellent app for this purpose is I Reconcile.

Stock Market apps:

If you are iphone appsnto stock market trading, then these apps are going to make your life a lot easier. You can keep a track of the shares very fast and obtain their real-time quotes almost instantly.

They collect the information from different sources so that you can have the information at your finger-tips without needing to search by yourself. Also, you will be able to purchase and sell your shares through them without depending too much on your stock brokers.

Mobile Banking apps:

apps phoneAll the major international banks have their apps for IOS devices. Generally, the websites of banks are slow because of the robust collection of the features and facilities in them. In the form of apps, these are very fast compared to their website versions.

You can perform online transactions, monitor your transaction history, and also make do online shopping at express speeds.ICICI Bank Mobile Banking ? iMobile and HDFC Bank MO Banking are excellent examples of successful banking apps.

Tax Calculator apps:

These apps are very helpful in calculating the amount of tax you have to pay on a purchase. Just enter the country name and the type of tax that you have to pay, and these apps can present you with the results in seconds.

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