Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is among the best NASCAR drivers, the man is often in the news due to his great driving and his victories. He drove really well yesterday and he won the Dodge Dealers 250 event, he drove extremely well and was able to show his bets skills. The crowd cheered for him and everyone was happy on his win, all his fans were delighted to see him win. The race was just amazing and the people loved the way the competition ended as Carl Edwards was not in the first place but he had to take over Keselowski in order to get what he deserved, victory.

After the race he stated that he did not want to do any harm to his opponents but he had to take some swift moves in order to win the title, he was previously disturbed by his opponent but he did not give any immediate reaction, he just waited for his turn and he did not want revenge he wanted to maintain the sports man spirit and play safe and professional. Although he caused his opponent to end up with an accident but he did not mean to do any such act it was all by chance, he just wanted to take the lead.

Carl Edwards has had a great career in the past as well, he performed y well in many racing events before, his style of driving is loved by many people and his fans love to see him drive on the roads and of course on the race track

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