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What are the health benefits of living with Animals?

Since the beginning of time people have shared their living space with domesticated animals.

Redondo Beach……. Millions of Fish dead

The news regarding Redondo Beach, South of Los Angeles is so much confusing as

Great White is likely the culprit of 19 years old’s murder.

19 years old University of Californias student was bite to death Fridays morning. It

Pukwudgies!! Do we really have to discuss this??

What are Pukwadgies? Why are they considered monsters? Where do they exist? In fact

Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster-an unidentified creature had been found dead at New York seaside in


Sharks, the monstrous creature as everyone knows that sharks have strong sense of smell.

Lion attack

YouTube is a source of video information and has been on the list of

Black Widow Spider

There is news about the San Diego, Ross Elementary School in Kearny Mesa. Black


? Elephants are the largest mammals that exist on the surface of the earth,