Coloring The Fall

Coloring the fall could be another interesting summer activity to enjoy by everyone in your family. It doesnt require more material or preparation to get involved in this activity. You will love making charming gifts using multicolored leaf crayons after attaching them to homemade cards. They may do that using glue dots. It looks like crayons inviting sitting in a bowl and they are a few steps away to present a beautiful autumnal scene after they get colored.
You will need following to start this activity:
– Crayons in colors that resembles fall colors like green, yellow, orange and red etc.
– The second only item would be leaf-shaped cooking mold or candy (I think you would find silicone as best for this activity)
You need to go though following steps to get involved in this coolest summer activity:
1 Find crayons that resembles or give you a look of fall colors (green, yellow, orange and red). The nest step should be peeling and breaking these fall-colored crayons to bring them into small pieces.
2 Now pick up candies or cooking mold and fill with leaf-shaped cavities with the small crayon pieces.
3 Now pick up a foil-covered baking sheet and place the mold on it. Now use an oven to meld crayons but dont forget setting your temperature to 180 degrees. Leave crayons in the oven for 15 minutes and remove it accordingly. Now let it getting cool and then pop them out after that.

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