Dress Little Angels Pretty And Punk — Fashion Trends for Kids in 2013

This year could not have started better for the little ones. Now that spring has begun, there is an abundance of trends, colors and chic styles to choose from. In 2012, the fashion industry focused on modern designs and shapes, colors and materials. Right from jackets to jeans, shirts to skirts, everything was made from sustainable materials. But now, for Spring-Summer 2013, the idea is all about being playful with styles and fabrics that would keep the little ones trendy and far from the clutches of the unbearable heat too.

Peek a boo – we dress you!

Colors are magical; and bright colors are the best bet, when kids fashion is concerned. Talking about colors, 2013 summer-spring brings to the little angels a host of new colors to play with. From ravishing neon’s to stylized greens, blues to pinks and purples as well, there is a variety of clothing to choose from. Plenty of fun and frolic is assured for the angels this year.

So how do you choose the best? Pretty And Punk

Ask the little ones which colors they like the best, and then help them choose. Colors and shades should flatter their personality, their skin tone and hair as well.

Floral and prints

Summer-spring collections this year would not be complete without lively prints. For example, floral patterns on your girls shirts, are always in demand when it comes to dressing your little girl. Kids love to have their time out in the open under the blasting sun, even if you don’t want that to happen. And in the summer, bright floral patterns work like magic.

Keep it light

The trend in fashion for kids this year is all about being minimal and light. Georgette and chiffon, for example, are trendy and most wanted, especially for girls clothing. These fabrics are light and help kids breathe easy, while making them look smart as well. Such fabrics are best for formal and semi-formal occasions, but can also be worn at play time. The lighter the fabrics, the more the angels bloom.

Fashion Trends for Kids in 2013Block the colors

The color blocking rage has hit kids fashion once again. This is because it can be worn at any time of the day and at any occasion. Moreover, kids want to emulate mommy and daddy too. The trends for kids fashion with color blocking are hot.

I am so bohemian!

The bohemian look has once again gained popularity this season. Kids fashion trends showcase it. Wearing these designs, your kids would have individuality and a personality of their own.

billy1Final forecasts

If you would like to experiment with shapes, such as triangles, squares, circles and V-Shapes on your kids’ clothing, go right ahead. Buy loose and fresh fabrics, to keep your children cool during the hot days. Clothe your child in bright and summery colors. Try reds, pinks, yellows and also incorporate light pastels. Throw aside the dull and drab dark colors this summer.

With so much to choose from and dress your little ones in, what choices are you going to make?

Searching for kids clothing is surely going to be fun this year!

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