Emma Watson

Emma Watson “can’t wait” to have a family of her own

Emma Watson, the Harry Potter star said in a statement, I cant wait to be a mum. On talking about this she told to Daily Record that she hopes to settle down and have children in the future. She said, “I have very strong family values and I would definitely hope that marriage and kids would be in my future. I can’t wait to be a mum.”
She continued to say, “My father remarried and I have three younger half-siblings. One is 7, and the other two, who are identical twins, are 5. So yeah, I’m pretty good with young kids, I think.”On discussing the type of qualities she looks for in a partner, she explained that kindness, good manners, intelligence, confidence and someone who can make her laugh.
According to her, manners are so much important. She told, The way I was brought up, my dad is very strict and much focused on that, so if I see anyone be rude to anyone else, it’s an immediate turnoff. I can’t bear it. I think being polite is a quite key for me. Being kind and being aware of people around you is definitely a big one.”
Emma Watson

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