Everything you need to know about EcoATMs

EcoATM helps by providing instant cash for used devices that previously were personal clutter at home. The lifestyle end result is sustainable, simple, uncluttered, and beneficially enhanced.

Recycling your device :

You can Recycle your device anytime.  It works in steps. In short, It’s a step by step procedure.  First you have to choose your device. You will have several different options including Apple Phones, Samsung Galaxies, Cell phones, Tablets, MP3 Players are many more. In case you don’t find yourself to bit fit in any of these then you may search your desirable device. Once you select your device, You have to be specific when It comes to the model of your device. It shows every model. Just you have to do is to select by clicking. Don’t select any wrong option, otherwise It may show you error after the procedure. After all, It shows you some more options regarding internal memory of your device.

Now Your Device Qualifies for

Now the recycling will consider the Marker prices, Device Condition.

What is EcoATMs ?

  1. You have a device you don’t use that can be recycled.  Find your devices 
  2. Bring your device to a kiosk to be recycled and get rewarded for being green.

Upon approval, your device goes into queue to be recycled and you receive instant cash.

Law Enforcement

ecoATM is one of the worst places for a thief to bring a stolen phone. ecoATM kiosks provide a safe, secure and innovative way for consumers to recycle their used or broken mobile devices. Our commitment to and collaboration with law enforcement is unparalleled across the buyback industry and a partnership we’re very proud of. We have invested a significant amount of effort and resources, while listening to our law enforcement partners, to implement several layers of technology and processes to reduce the likelihood that an ecoATM® kiosk will buy a stolen device. In communities all across the country, ecoATM is helping law enforcement identify and capture cell phone thieves and reunite victims of cell phone theft with their stolen property.


We reward you with cold hard cash for promoting a healthier environment.

Place Your Device in ecoATM test station

Don’t worry – your device is safe with us! ecoATM is very friendly, we promise.

ecoATM will examine your device and give you the best price

The kiosk prices each individual device based on model, condition and the current value on the market. You can read more about how we price on our

If you agree to sell it, you will receive cash on the spot.


See how our recycling initiatives are making a big difference.

Environmental Benefits of ecoATM

In 2017, ecoATM hit the major milestone of recycling over 14 million devices in its span of operation. The collection of these 14 million devices has enabled the recovery or reuse of:

  • 1,050 pounds of gold
  • 10,808 pounds of silver
  • 493,836 pounds of copper


We recycle electronic devices from nearly every major brand.

You can DOWNLOAD the application

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