Redondo Beach……. Millions of Fish dead

The news regarding Redondo Beach, South of Los Angeles is so much confusing as on Tuesday about 1 million fish turned up to death in Southern California Marine. Staci Gabrielli, the marine coordinator for King Harbor Marina on the Los Angeles County coast said that the boaters found a carpet of small silvery fish adjacent to their vessels. According to the Authorities, there was a 12-18 inch layer of dead fish.
California Fish and Game Officials said that the fish were sardines that depleted the water of oxygen apparently and suffocated. One of the Fish and Game Spokesmen, Andrew Hughan said that all indications represent its a naturally occurring event and the die-off was unusual but not unprecedented.
He continued to say that this is an afternoons catch in the huge world of fishing and according to the fishermen theyve never seen anything this bad that wasn’t red tide, referring to the natural blooms of toxic algae that can kill fish. The water sample also showed no poisoning chemical or oil that can affect the marine creature.
However, the Fire Department, Harbor Patrol and other city workers are busy in scooping up this stinky mess in nets and buckets and carried them to big trash bins by a skip loader.

Redondo Beach. Millions of Fish dead

Redondo Beach. Millions of Fish dead

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