Callme Spark S9

Five reasons to choose spark S9

I’m a techy guy and has a habbit to see every technology specially smartphones very critically .I’ve used alot of smartphones and know very much about these smart technology devices. Now a days I’m listening a name of new smartphone manufacturer . There popularity is increasing day by day. The company name is Calmemobiles.When I listened about it from many people , I decided to go for one of its products . Finally I bought calme spark s9 after a deep analysis . And because of 5 main reasons (mentioned below) I decided to have one in my pocket.

Design & Shape

First thing which we consider in any smartphone is its Design and shape . A great looking smartphone has ability to grab attention of a person. A bad design can easily ruin machine with full of features similarily a good design is the backbone of seccess of any phone. Calme know this thing better than us so thats why they dont only stuff their devices with features and luxries but also give full attention to its shape. As far as S9 is considered its 9.0mm ultra slim body feel really good in first sight. Its design can easily compete with others even with the high grossing phones. It is slimness is the cause of dramatic fall in its weight , it feels like a feather in your hand.

Operating Systemcall me spark s9 back

As we know that Android is the most trending OS in smartphones. Calme spark s9 is also powered by Android. Android Jellybean(4.2) infact. Which is in it self an amazing thing. Its operating system is the second main reason for what I make my mind to buy it. There are very few companies which offer Jellybean 4.2 in their phones under 100$.

Dual Sim functionality

Most of the people never need dual sim functionality . But in my case I need it very much . I always use two sims one for professioanl use and other for personal . But it is a great headache for me coz I never use two mobiles at the same times. So things getting stranger day by day but Spark S9 resolve my this problem . Thanks to Calme mobiles for manufacturing such a usefull device in just 70 bucks.

CPU and Camera

Beautiful design , powerfull processor , Jelly Bean 4.1 and its cheap price really make it a phone I ever wanted. Spark S9 has 1.2 GHz Dual core processor which give S9 ability to run everything smoothly . I tried several games on it but never disappoint me .
A 5 megapixel camera is situated at the back and also have a front one on the right top. Result of the camera is not outstanding but okay for an average user .


Spark S9’s price is the biggest factor which convince me to buy this. You can get your hands on this in just 70$(7000 PKR) which is like a dream . you can never get this kind of phone in just 70 bucks. Other manufacturers are offering somewhat the same phones on high prices. Its cheap price doesnt mean a drain in quality. Imagine that you are having a phone which has the features of top grossing smarties in the market in just less than their half price.

Note :

You can see its full specifications here .

Visit calme mobile official web for further details.


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