A Girl’s Suicide Attempt

A Girls Suicide Attempt at Golden Gate Bridge

It was a Sunday morning when Eric Hall was sailing the bay near the Golden Gate Bridge. His father and two sons Henry, 15 and Ethan 14, were also with him. They all heard a splash. First, they considered a whale later they found that she was 16 year old girl.
The girl made the suicide attempt. Fortunately, Eric was there to save her life.
She was unconscious and blood on her face. Eric reached at the spot of bridge jumper to rescue her. They helped keep afloat until professional rescuers arrived. She was motionless.
“I was a little shaken up because it was so sudden,” Henry said. “But I was determined to get to her.”
Coast Guard spokesman Levi Read told the Coast Guard received the call from the San Francisco Fire Department at 10:53 a.m. Rescuers from the Coast Guard station in Sausalito reached her at 11:13 a.m.
It is reported that there are chances of her survival but she did suffer a punctured lung, bruised back and internal bleeding. She is admitted in hospital. While, there is very little percentage of survival of 220 feet jumpers.
The Girl is from Southern California and was there with her family on vacation. The name and detail information of her suicide is not yet released.

A Girls Suicide Attempt

A Girls Suicide Attempt at Golden Gate Bridge

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