Five Things To Expect In Golf’s Olympic Return In 2016

For the first time since 1904, Golf will be featured on the Olympic stage. We are still three years out from the competition but golf fans everywhere are already discussing the possibilities of what will go down in Rio. Which golfers will represent which country? Which country has the best chance at beating the U.S.? What will the course layout be like? Many questions still remain for golf enthusiasts regarding the 2016 Summer Games but here are predictions when Brazil hosts its most prestigious golf competition to date.

1.One Player Will Win the First Olympic Golfing Medal for their Country

Golf has only been played at two Olympic Games in 1900 and 1904. In both games combined only players from three countries (United States, Canada, and England) took home medals. Over a hundred years later golf has exceptional talent all over the world and with elite players like Adam Scott, Rory Mcllroy, Sun-Young Yoo, Yani Seng and Angel Cabrera it is hard to believe at least one nation won?t make its podium debut.

Olympic_pictogram_Golf2.Angel Cabrera will be the Crowd Favorite

Only one player from South America has distinguished themselves as one of the elite. His sudden death loss at the 2013 Masters will only motivate him further for the 2016 games. Expect the best current player in South America to have an immense amount of support and coverage in the nation bordering his home.


Let?s be honest, such an event will be too big, too prestigious, and too thoroughly covered to not have at least one controversial call that makes a buzz. Whether it?s an illegal drop, illegal equipment used, or a lightning bolt strikes the tee right as the ball goes in, the ever-unpredictable world of golf will feature something to talk about besides the winners.

4.Brazil Will Have Possibly the Most Scrutinized Golf Course in History

Construction of the competition course will begin this October and be ready for play around the middle of 2014. Lots of sand for drainage, three greens near the beach, and water bordering seven different fairways. If Gil Hanse?s Olympic design doesn?t give us something interesting to discuss on the course, the unique native species we might see on the dunes sure might.

5.A Current Unknown Talent Will Emerge As A Contender2012golf-olympics

It is still 2013 and therefore we may see a men or women?s medalist in 2016 that we haven?t even heard of today. Olympic opportunity is something no golfer alive today has ever experienced and will ignite motivation in young golfers around the world. Just think, Yani Seng was still an amateur a year before she won her first major.

6.There Will Be Intense Competition to Qualify

Qualifying for the event will be a tremendous accomplishment, as only 60 players will be allowed to participate for both men and women. ?The top 15 golfers in the World Golf Rankings will automatically qualify, while the remainder of the field will be filled by the highest ranked players from countries that do not already have two golfers qualified. ?You can expect the build up to be intense in the year leading up to the 2016 Olympics, as golfers jockey for positioning and hope to land one of the coveted slots.

Now that golf is in the Olympics, figure skating drops down to #2 on the list of Scott McCormick’s?favourite?Olympic competitions. ?Because few freelance figure skating jobs exist, Scott writes about golf for Charlotte Golf Now.

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