How Much Does A Chef Make?

Chefs are trained in the culinary arts to create recipes for delicious meals, prepare dishes and supervise a kitchen, including ordering food, pricing menu items and supervising staff. They usually have more training than even regular “line cooks” who prepare the food and consequently have greater earning potentials. Chefs may work in restaurants, either as head of chefs or sous chefs, or in the other environments, such as private homes, hospitals or schools.

Because they have manage Kitchen staff and resources, as well as meals,chefs are also called head cooks. Executive chefs earns their pay by regularly working 12-hour days, including earning in the morning to oversee delivery of food supplies, and late evenings to close up their Kitchens and plan for the next day. The 90,300 chefs in the United States earned an average $46,600 per year, or $22.40 per hour,  states the Bureau of labor Statistics so how much does a chef make per hour


The top tier of chefs made more than $74,060, or $35.61 hourly, while the lowest earners received under $24,770, or $11.91. Chefs duties depend on their titles. Executive chefs are the final authority in their Kitchens. They plan menus hire and train Kitchen staff and supervise the activities of subordinate chefs. Sous-chefs act as the second-in-command. Specialist chefs focus on the food types such as pastries, meat,soups, vegetable and salads..

Personal Chefs

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Lower-Paying Jobs

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