What are the health benefits of living with Animals?

Since the beginning of time people have shared their living space with domesticated animals. Over the years the effects of these living arrangements have been observed and even more recently, the effects have been researched.

Benefits of owning a dog

The most obvious benefit of owning a dog is that the amount of exercise taken is increased. Depending on the breed, all dogs need some daily walking and some breeds need a significant amount.

Playing and throwing balls also keeps owners active

1. Increased activity isn’t the only benefit. It has been shown that levels of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine are increased in owners simply by being in the presence of their dog for fifteen to twenty minutes. These neurotransmitters increase feelings of pleasure and tranquillity. Stroking and grooming a dog also increases the levels of neurotransmitters and playing is another way of enjoying time with dogs. For pet owners in Spain, toys for play can be bought at a tienda de animales.
2. It has been shown that dog owners have fewer heart attacks and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than the non dog owning population.
3. Dogs bring companionship to their owners and when out walking, dogs act as an introduction to other dog walkers.

Benefits of owning a cat

1. Cats are seen as more aloof creatures than dogs but they bring health benefits nonetheless. The relationship between a cat and its owner can reduce stress, depression and social isolation.
2. It has been found that cat owners also have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those who don’t own cats. There is also evidence that heart health is improved.


Benefits of owning small caged animals

1. Even owning an animal such as a mouse or hamster brings with it some benefits. For children, this may be the first time they take responsibility for another creature and so they learn to nurture and care for their pet. This can bring them a special relationship with their pet as well as pride in their caring role.
2. Older people living alone may also benefit from caring for such an animal. This will bring a structure to their day and also reduce feelings of isolation. Handling and grooming a pet reduces stress and depression in all ages; it has been shown that those aged over 65 and owning a pet make nearly a third fewer visits to their doctor. Going to the shop to buy food for the pet gives an opportunity to engage in conversation.

Living alongside animals brings many health benefits and much pleasure. The relationship between animal and owner can bring comfort and companionship. It has also been observed that children who grow up with animals are less likely to develop allergies. There are many accessories which can be enjoyed by pets available online. Pet owners from Spain may search for supplies from online tienda de animales.

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