Hot Hairstyles And Colours For 2013

2013 is a year trending with many different hot hairstyles and shades for new and refreshing looks that nod to prior decades. Some of the latest styles can be seen on the red carpet, while also appearing on the city streets.

Choppy Pixie Cuts notes that celebs like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emma Watson have been seen stepping out with choppy pixie cuts that are messy and reminiscent of the 1920s. Ginnifer Goodwin has been seen with the same hair, all at different lengths for a look that needs minimal work and fits tomboys, or even the most girly of women.

The Pixie Crop

For the indecisive who can’t choose between the pixie cut or the crop look, the pixie crop merges the two hairstyles for a sophisticated look that allows the hair to be cut just below the ears. It’s a flapper sort of cut that is youthful and can be styled many different ways.

Sleek Buns

For women with type-A personalities who need their hair to be just perfect, the sleek bun is neat and tidy, perfectly pulled out of the face for a hairstyle that needs little attention throughout the day. It looks best with dramatic make-up and can even be worn for a trendy look at the office. When going out at night, a sleek top knot higher up on the head makes it look feminine and playful for a flirty look.

The High Blow Back

GQ?has suggests that longer hair on the top is trending hardcore for men this year, including a different take on the style that includes the high blow back. It’s dramatic and loud, easily styled with a bit of gel while blow drying it to be combed back just a tad. Women can also be seen with this look, as celebrities like Pink and Miley Cyrus have sported it at red carpet events.

Seeing Red

Women are throwing out their blond and brunette locks for a sexier style that includes auburn hair. The color is interesting and fierce, perfect for the summer with a touch of blonde natural highlights. Everything from orange-red to warm red is being played with, depending on the complexion and natural hair color.

Rounded Bangs

A fun twist on bangs includes rounded bangs that are perfectly sculpted to create a look that brings back the 1970s. Both fun and mysterious, it dresses up any casual attire, while also looking formal enough for a special event.

Braided Crown

For the woman who wants to feel a bit bohemian, the braided crown creates a natural headband braid on the top of the head, allowing the rest of the hair to fall naturally. Both lovely and contemporary, it’s a fun twist from the side braid trend that was seen in former years.


It was easy to play it safe in 2012 with traditional ombre locks and wavy extensions, but this year many are resorting to cuts and colors that are out of the box and fun to wear. The hairstyles are daring and innovative for refreshing looks that will likely carry into the next year.

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