How To Buy A Flat Screen Monitor

Many people are shifting from the CRT monitors to the LCD monitors because LCD monitors are very clear, space saving, and more modern to look at. Yes, some people may even laugh at you if they notice that you are still hooked to your CRT monitor, and they may taunt you for being traditional and obsolete. So what are you waiting for if you are still using a CRT monitor? You better ship your old CRT the auction and shift to the LCD to be abreast of the changing time.

There are many manufacturers of flat screen monitors and it would be good to know some good reviews of these manufacturers. FlatScreenExpert and cnet can give you some good reviews of these flat screen monitor’s brands. Furthermore, it would be also good to have some ideas on how to buy flat screen monitor, and in this article, you’ll know more about it.

Considerations You Should Make Before Buying a Monitor

There are many considerations you have to make before buying an LCD monitor whether online or offline. First, you need to consider the use for which you are buying an LCD. Are you going to use your monitor for some technical works such as graphic designing or are you a gamer or just a plain movie aficionado? These considerations are simple, yet it should have a bearing on your choice of monitor because the size of your monitor will matter to your work.

Flat Screen Monitor

Native Resolution and other Features

There are key features you have to consider when buying a monitor. First you have to consider the native resolution of the LCD. LCD makes use of pixels to show its image. It has therefore a native resolution in which display will look best. Say for instance, the 17-, 18-, and 19-inch models usually have 1280 by 1024 native resolution, while 23- to 24-inch models carry a 1920 by 1200 native resolution.

So before buying an LCD monitor, you should at least consider the native resolution of the monitor. Moreover, you should consider the aspect ratio of a monitor. Most monitors have 16;10 aspect ratio. But recently, there is a move towards 16:19 aspect ratio which is usually found in HDTV. Likewise, you should also take into consideration the viewing angle which is measured in degrees up to 180 degrees.

This is an indication of how far and how much you can view from the side. You can actually check this property of the flat screen monitor as you actually see the monitor you want to buy. Other considerations include the contrast, the brightness, and many more.

Before you buy a monitor, you got to make a relative comparison of the different brands of monitor. You can either visit the site of manufacturer or ask some expert on monitor buying to get some ideas on how each product works and lives up to the user’s standard. Likewise, you can check the consumer’s reports or the feedbacks given by previous buyers who have used such monitors.

The feedback of previous consumers can be a good gauge of the quality of a product. Consistent positive reviews can be a good gauge in understanding the performance and quality of a flat screen monitor. You can also consult the FlatScreenReviews and cnet which often give good reviews on each flat screen product. Lastly, you should also check and make a comparison of the prices of the different brands so that you can select the cheaper brand with good ratings and quality.

Two Ways to Buy your LCD Monitor

You can either buy your flat screen monitor online or offline. Online buying of monitor involves visiting the online sites which sell or auction LCD monitors. There are many sites which sell monitors such as the different specific manufacturer’s site and the different online markets such as or even eBay.

Yet, it would be better to visit the specific site of the manufacturer of monitor to find and learn more about their products and other perks that they offer.  By doing so, you can actually inquire about their selling prices and the delivery charge if you want the item to be shipped right at your doorsteps. You can also inquire about the warranty associated with their items.

Now, if you want to buy the item offline, you can directly go to the gadget stores to see and test for yourself the LCD. Offline buying has some advantages considering the fact that you get to test the item before you buy it. Unlike in the online buying wherein there is the danger of shipment mishandling and damage which may cause you the trouble of having to return the item because it is damaged.

Lastly, the monitor of your PC is indeed an important PC hardware which you have to carefully buy because it is the hardware with which your eyes are directly in contact with. For this reason, you should be choosing the best and most appropriate flat screen monitor for yourself before you buy and shell out hard-earned money for the monitor of your choice.

In buying a flat screen monitor, you have to take into consideration the usual task which you usually do with your computer. Likewise, you should make a comparison of the different prices while at the same time taking into consideration the specifications of the LCD monitors to get the ideal monitor for you. Moreover, you should check the feedback given by the previous buyers of that particular brand. Lastly, there are two ways to buy a flat screen monitor: you can either buy it online or offline.

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