How To Select A Tutor

Tutoring is an art. Sadly, tutors are everywhere and a good number of them are charlatans masquerading as experts. The convenience of facelessness is being taken full advantage of by a potential wage earner who may not know what he is talking about. So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? How to select from the different available personal training courses? After all, you cannot hand your child to someone to be subjected to an unknown quantity of “Tutorship”?

  • If you choose to educate your child online, find out all you can about the tutor. If you are seeking a tutoring company, make sure that the company allows you to select a tutor based on his qualifications and if possible to assess him. Does the company have contingency plans in case the tutor leaves or is indisposed for a long period?

  • Online tutoring can be done from any corner of the world. Ask the company if your tutor comes from some foreign country and if he is proficient in the language that will be used to teach your kid. Since face-to-face tuition is not on cards, it is that much important that your kid develops a solid rapport with him online.

  • You yourself can get online and get to know the tutor. You must be able to strike up a chatting session anytime you want with him to get yourself updated on your child’s progress.You might have noticed that some excellent teachers are not in possession of any formal qualification like a college degree. If you were to be offered such a teacher’s services, you should not hesitate at all. His ability to teach well without any formal education points to his extra capabilities.


  • Since establishing a good relationship with your child for a teacher is important, find out if he has any previous experience in teaching children of your child’s age and how he is generally disposed towards children.
  • When face-to-face tutoring is envisaged, ask all possible people about the way a tutor teaches, whether he is punctual etc. You may find out about his records in getting higher test results for his students. Is he regular with homework and evaluation
  • Make sure the location where the tuition is conducted has a conducive atmosphere. A place, for instance, near a saw mill is hardly the right place to listen to lectures. If transportation is needed, see if the tutor himself provides it or if you have to make arrangements on your own.
  • Regular classes are important. Classes held at different times on only some days do not give a desirable result.
  • Children love company. On the other hand, too many students in a physical as well as virtual classroom may not result
    in each being accorded the attention they deserve.  Keep track of this aspect of your child’s tuition.
  • Meet the tutor at the tuition center and develop an affinity towards her. No, it would not be stretching it too far to meet him socially or, if you are not too particular about it, even invite him home to discuss your child’s education over a cup of coffee.

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