Jerry Sloan

Jerry Sloan resigns as Utah’s coach after 23 seasons

After 23 seasons, Jerry Sloan has resigned as Utahs coach on Thursday. After devoting 37 years of his life to a team and now going away looks an emotional interface.
During a news conference, Sloan, 68, said with tears in eyes, My time is up and it’s time to move on. This is going to be harder than I thought.”
According to Sloan, his resignation is due to fatigue. He has tired. He added more that he has no contradiction with Utah Jazz management and players. But our news sources have reported a new story that this resignation might be the result of angry conversation between Sloan and Deron Williams. They argued angrily during the half time of Wednesdays home loss to the Bulls. So, Sloan decided right there to resign.
In NBA, Sloan ranks at third with 1,221 wins. Don Nelson with 1,335 wins at first and Lenny Wilkens 1,332 ranks at second. Sloan is the first coach in NBA history to win 1,000 games with one team.
The other surprising resignation is of Phil Johnson who has resigned due to Sloan. He says that I came with Sloan and I will leave with him.
CEO Greg Miller tried his best to retain the Sloan. He told that Sloan will be ever missed by him and Utah Jazz.
Jazz assistant Tyrone Corbin is expecting to be hired as a new coach of team.

Jerry Sloan

Jerry Sloan resigns as Utahs coach after 23 seasons

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