Stardom has its price, & X-Factor’s Katie is about to pay it.

X Factor is something that makes for star quality. Reality shows have made people crazy for them. One reason is that the people from all walks of life are given equal opportunities and stars are made out of them. They decrease the distance between stardom and ordinary human. One such great reality show is The X Factor. It is a singing competition, now held in various countries, which pits contestants against each other. These contestants are aspiring pop singers drawn from public auditions. The programs are produced by executive producer Simon Cowell and his company Syco TV. The prize is usually a recording contract in addition to the publicity that appearance in the later stages of the show itself generates, not only for the winner but also for other highly ranked contestants.

But along with all the charm there comes some nasty phases to the contestants as well. Bigger the opportunity greater the fears and stress that halt the competitors. One such thing happened to Katie Waissel. 24 years old Katie is facing chest infection and was also shown acerbity by her fellow colleagues. She is all shattered and on the verge to quit from the show. Authorities of the show has provided her with all that she need to survive from this physical and mental trauma but it seems like after coming in bottom and the cold shoulder by her colleagues and over and above her bad health has led her decide to set herself aside from the show, which obviously has been preferred by the show as well.

Katie Price and Leandro Penna

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