Manny Ramirez,

Manny Ramirez, Being busted once was bad enough But Twice???

Manny Ramirez, the professional Baseball Outfielder retired from baseball yesterday because of participating in MLBs Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. According to the Major League Baseball, Ramirez had been informed of an issue under the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment program, and chose to retire rather than continue with the process.
The 38 years old Ramirez also experienced a 50-game suspension as a Dodgers Member in 2009 for the same violation of Major League Baseballs Performance Enhancing Drug Policy. But this time, he had to face 100-games suspension. So, instead of appealing the test results or serving the punishment, he opted for retirement.
Torii Hunter, the Angels Outfielder said that he used to defend him but he cant defend him anymore. Moreover he continued, Boy, I don’t know what to say. I love all my players, but how can you defend that? It’s embarrassing for him. It’s a shame. For all the things he’s done in the game, to end it like this? It’s kind of crazy. Three years ago, he was a lock for the Hall of Fame. Now? I don’t know … I’m not the judge … maybe someone will forgive him.”
Don Mattingly, the Dodgers Manager said that he was surprised that Ramirez would put himself to be caught a second time. He can’t speak for him or what he was thinking, but he is a little baffled that he would continue on.!!! He further continued to say that its hard when you don’t know how much of it went on. You have no idea of how long it went on, how much of it went on, how much it changed it. It puts that doubt in your mind of what was through hard work and what came through not totally his abilities.
On talking about his retirement, Ramirez said, “I’m at peace, God knows what’s best.” He told that he would travel to Spain along with his father. The team stated that they are obviously surprised and disappointed by the news.

Manny Ramirez,

Manny Ramirez, Being busted once was bad enough. But Twice???

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