How To Protect Your Kids At Home This Summer

The summer time can be the hardest time for parents who have to work full time because they have to figure out what to do with their kids. If you choose to let your older kids stay home with the younger kids or by themselves here are a few things you can teach your children before you leave them home alone.

Don’t answer calls

If your children have a cell phone or if there is a home line, teaching your children not to answer call from numbers they are unfamiliar with can help to protect them. For children that might forget what numbers are ok to pick up leave a list on the refrigerator of appropriate numbers and whom they belong to. Criminals with the intent of stealing children can call a number and ask are your

parents home and as soon as the child says no that will be a direct indicator that the child is alone.

Never open the door

Teaching your child to never open doors when someone knocks can also help to protect your children. Most children when they look out the peep hole and see someone even remotely familiar will feel confident in opening the door and letting that person in. Today in the world we live in no one can be trusted except for very close family and friends. Obviously there will be occasions when family or friends do come over and leaving a list by the door of whom they can let in is a great way to keep your children safe.

Stay inside

Having a general rule that when ever there is not an adult present that the children have to play inside is a very practical way of keeping children safe. Even fenced in back yards are not safe from strangers. This will not always be fun for the kids but they will thank you one day when they realize how hard you worked to keep them safe.

Keep blinds closedblinds

This is another practical way to keep strangers from taking an interest into your home. Making sure that when you leave the house all the blinds are closed and instructing the children to keep them closed is a great way to eliminate strangers from looking into your home.

What to do in emergencies

Instructing your children on what to do in case of all different emergencies is a great way to help your children and keep them safe. On top of just telling your children it would be smart to have a folder orbinderin a easy to get to place with tons of emergency phone numbers and instructions of what to do in all types of situations.

Other ways to protect your children while they are home alone is to alert your neighbors around you that you trust. This way they could check on them or just keep an eye out. Another way would be to get a home security system that offers security cameras likeSmith Monitoring. This would be a great way to literally see what your children are doing during the day.

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