Saira Banu arrested


Saira Banu arrested

Saira Banu arrested

India is a big country and as big as it is, it is diversified too. By diversity, we seem to refer to the ultimate language and social differences within the same area of origin. Movies are like a religion to a nation and there are more movies made within a single year than the number of days in a year. Amazing? Yes, it is. The heros as well as heroines? of these Indian movies are considered up to be the semi Gods for the entire nation as well as for the Nonresident Indians, who though reside in other countries for economical purposes but their hearts are with their country.

Apart from the main Indian movies, the most popular form of movies is the Telugu or Tamil movies that has got a huge share of market within the country and abroad. The actress named Saira Banu is amongst of the top most actresses of this Telugu movie industry. But what if, youve had enough of your respect and start to degrade and dis respect yourself. At the very least this is what Saira Banu has done afterwards of what we heard about her.

The actress was arrested yesterday morning from a Mumbai based home doing and providing Prostitution services. The news of Saira Banu arrested was pretty shocking for the Tamil movie lovers as well as the actress fans. The news of Saira Banu arrested made rounds and rounds yesterday, all day and at first people thought it was a joke, but soon after the news of Saira Banu arrested was confirmed. With her, many another ladies have as well been arrested too as well as many a famous names, but they were not released in public till now.

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