November Christmas, the Hallmark Hall of fame movie starring john Corbett & Sam Elliot

November Christmas, the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie broadcasted yesterday night on 28th November at 9-11 p.m. ET/PT on CBS TV Network. The whole story of this movie revolves around a young girl, Vanessa as she suffers with serious illness. The story is also related to a small Rhode Island community that helps to create a holiday for Vanessa.
This movie is directed by Robert Harmon while the producer is Brent Shields. The script Writer of November Christmas is Pnenah Goldstein. Now you people are thinking about Hall of Fame, you can understand it as the longest-running and most thrilled series of TV dramatic specials. November Christmas is the 241st presentation of Hallmark of Fame. The casted characters of this movie are:-
Sam Elliott
John Corbett
Karen Allen
Elizabeth McLaughlin
Emily Alyn Lind
And Sarah Paulson
The script of this movie is so much inspired as there is another script of a short story with the same name presented by Greg Coppa.

November Christmas Movie is starring two most able and gorgeous personalities that have a big name in TV Industry that are:-
First, the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee, John Corbett.
And another Emmy Award Nominee, Sam Elliott from Buffalo Girls.

November Christmas

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