shark attack santa barbara

Great White is likely the culprit of 19 years old’s murder.

19 years old University of Californias student was bite to death Fridays morning. It was 9 am when Lucas Ransom and his friend Mathew Garcia were boogie surfing at Vandenberg Beach. Lucas was crying for help and his friend tried his best to reach him to help but the shark drug him 100 yards underwater.
Mathew said, When the shark hit him, he just said, ‘Help me, dude! He knew what was going on.
It was really fast. You just saw a red wave and this water is blue — as blue as it could ever be — and it was just red, the whole wave. Even the barrel was red.
Garcia spotted Ransoms red body board, which was attached to Ransom by a cord, and swam to his friend. He did chest compressions as he brought him to shore.
He was just floating in the water. I flipped him over on his back and under hooked his arms. I was pressing on his chest and doing rescue breathing in the water, Garcia said. He was just kind of lifeless, just dead weight.
Experts on sharks claim it to be great white shark, because they believe such intense bite and sharpness could only be shown in this specie of sharks. Assistant curator of Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, Steve Blair, said, The shark was likely swimming around as the pair fled from the water.

Swimmers should stay out of the water in the area, but it’s unlikely that the shark is out hunting humans, he added. Santa Barbra Beach has been shut down for 72 hours for any kind of swimming.

shark attack santa barbara

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