Some Considerations and Benefits of Dual Nationality

Dual nationality means a person have a nationality of two countries at the same time. Every country has its own rules and regulations for citizenship that are based on their own policy.

Some people have dual nationality by birth while others have it by choice. In the first case, any consequences and concerns of duality comes as a part of your birthright. Whereas in the second case, the decision of dual nationality is in your hand as you have to decide that whether pursuing for dual citizenship will provide you with additional benefits or will only produce dual headaches.

If you are in the second group then you must have to decide that if the advantages of such a status prevail over the disadvantages. This depends on each individual case and your considerations. And you might have a question in your mind about how do I get a second passport for UAE.

So your first consideration is whether your inborn country allows you have double citizenship or not. If your answer is yes, then you can move ahead to next consideration, which is about why and where you wish to have your second citizenship.

However, what if either your native country does not allow you to have second citizenship or strongly discourages it, for instance just like the case of United States of America. Then you have a completely different set of concerns and thoughts to watch out for. Quite a number of countries discourages, ignores or keenly prohibits its citizens from becoming a citizen of another country or state. The probability of acceptance of a second nationality is solely dependent on the choices you make.

Once you are done with this, the next consideration is why you wish to have dual nationality. To get you started, a few common reasons are given below.

  • Politics ? Being a citizen of two or more countries give you more freedom for movement and an organized route to confiscate yourself from your current country and move to the other if ever needed.
  • Ease of Travelling ? Having a second passport of the European Union country for instance, eases your movement and provides you the ability to work in other European Union countries too. So if you are a citizen of United States then having a second nationality of European country might facilitate you to travel into those countries that are on the forbidden list of United States.
  • Work Benefits ? Having a citizenship of additional country gives you the right to work and generate income in that country as well. So having an extra nationality expands your income possibilities as well.

Therefore, once you have decided that having a dual nationality is desirable for you then you should proceed through the legal steps of second country to obtain the nationality because all countries have some specific legal and residential requirements that you have to meet to get hold of the citizenship. Some countries may require that must have to spend some time living in their country under a temporary visa before you can apply for a citizenship. A part of this requirement is used to determine that whether you have the financial capabilities to support yourself during this time period.

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