Get In Style For Spring 2013

Spring has sprung, as they say, and all of a sudden, our closets are dull and dreary, full of winter clothing. Left-over spring clothes from last year look dull and threadbare. So, how can we get in style for Spring 2013 Here are some fashions on the runway this year.

Straps And Buckles

Yes,50 Shades of Gray?has had its influence on spring fashions this year. Think in terms of bondage and S&M, and you get the idea. If you ever saw The 5th Element, you might get an idea of the types of dresses, blouses, and skirts that are the trend right now straps conveniently, if not comfortably, positioned to cover all of the vital areas. There are lots of diagonal straps, too, that give the impression of total bondage and complete submission to another. Even the shoes have large straps with wide buckles. As you can tell, this is not my favorite look for spring, but it’s big on the runways.


Yep, skin is in. Net fabric over privacy panels reveal more skin, once again hinting at the bondage theme. The interpretation with the netting is not so much sexy as it is giving the impression of a netted catch, partly due to the continued presence of leather straps and buckles. The combination of netting and harnesses gives more of a dominatrix aura to some of the outfits on the runways.

Thankfully, there is a more feminine interpretation of this style with the peek-a-boo midriff. This look surfaces now and then, providing a pretty peek at the feminine physique without including any threat or underlying theme. There are also a lot of designers coming out with sheer materials that flow nicely, and are combines with some of the other trends such as stripes.


Water is another common theme showing up on the runways, and I can go along with this a little more willingly. The freedom and purity of water does just the opposite of the bondage theme. These colorful, flowing styles evoke the image of summer breezes and waves caressing your toes. And, when I say water theme, I mean literally. One designer has actually printed the pattern of rippling water on the fabrics in his clothing, and another designer is using photos from water scenes to print his material. The seafoam, blue, and coral color schemes are attractive and complimentary and, might I say, quite feminine. The dresses are showing with sundress profiles, meaning a slightly fitted bodice and fuller skirt.



Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, and Marc Jacobs have gone stripe crazy this spring. And they’re not the only ones. You can expect to see stripes dominating the fashion scene this year. The stripes are all different sizes and running in all different directions. In my opinion, this is an attempt to recreate the bondage theme by using a fabric print version of straps.

While you won’t see most of these more extreme concepts in you neighborhood, you can expect to see many of them interpreted at your local department stores.

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