Summer Activity – Pinning Cockroach on the Bread

Though keeping kids busy (inside your home) especially during the summer vacation is typically a tough task for moms but plenty of kids-friendly summer activities or games may make this task little easier. We are including a game in this article whose topic is pinning cockroach on the bread. This game will definitely love by your kids who particularly love foul play most often (actually this is childrens nature mainly).
Well, pick up a foam core, cut it exactly in the bread slice shape. Now adding grain speckles onto that bread slice shape foam core will give you the same look as you have a real cockroach wandering on the bread. Well actually you need to do brown paint on the grain speckles and then pickup a cockroach cutout (you may make it yourself if you are a good designer, otherwise you may find it at your nearest book store easily) and paste it with glue.
You need a blindfold, dryer lint, few pushpins, a glue bottle, brown paint, scissors, foam core and obviously a few cockroach cutouts to play this game in your spare times during summer vacations.
You should have dryer lint, and one pushpin to each player participating in this game. Given these two items to all players, but one player is allowed to perform at a time. Now the players that have blindfolded, should try their luck to paste their dryer lint (mold) on the cutout of cockroach. The one who gives real shape (or very close to real shape) of cockroach is the winner of this game.


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