The World is not Enough best of 007 series.

1999s James bond film ‘The World is not enough was ranked 6.3/10. It was unique of its kind and a complete source of entertainment. It is undoubtedly the 007 adventure of the 90’s. it is considered to be one of the best Bond movies ever, because it perfectly combines Bond’s universe with the real world. In addition Pierce Brosnan gave one of the best performances in years; he took his character both seriously and on the other hand not too seriously. Sophie Marceau offered a fantastic villainess and put herself in one line with Chris Walken, Robert Davi and Klaus Maria Brandauer.
The writers Michael France, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Dana Stevens and Bruce Feirstein had outdone themselves by creating some of the best characters in the series and the best punchlines and dialogues in years. Every dialogue contained funny and suggestive lines and this really made fun to sit and enjoy two hours of perfect entertainment.

The World is not enough starts when Sir Robert King, an oil magnate friend of James Bond is murdered and agent 007 somehow considers him responsible for it as he could not protect him. Now the threat is rising on Roberts only daughter Elektra. Bond took the role of bodyguard for Elekra to protect her from Renard, a rabid anti-capitalist terrorist psychopath. He has extreme hate against agents due to the fact he was hit with a bullet in his brain by an agent early in life. He is still surviving with a bullet lodge in his brain and this has made him even more dreadful. This excellent story line has made this movie a must watch.


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