Top Museums You should Visit with Your Kids This Summer

Kids are normally very busy in their routine lives especially when they regularly go to the schools. But as you know the summer is on its peak at the moment and most of the time kids have nothing to do, so they always need entertaining stuff to kill their free times in summer vacations. You probably plan visiting any theme park or hill station to spend some time with your kids in summers but this year I recommend you spending more education vacation instead. Below museums will definitely be an excellent fun as well as educational experience for your kids this summer. You must visit a few in this list (if you couldnt visit all).

1. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

This is an excellent entertaining place in United States where kids love spending more time in general. This five-story tall building is recognized as the largest museum building in the building which has been created for children. The museum holds many exhibits in a year to suit interests of any children. It is among those few places where kids love watching, touching and picturing with the creatures of the past.

2. National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York:

As it is clear with the name National Museum of Play, this place has been specifically designed for the kids who love to know more about the study of play. Kids are free to try their hands at some very famous classic video games, they can stroll through sesame Street and can meet the Berenstain Bears. I mean there is a lot more in the building of National Museum of Play to keep your kids busy as well as entertained indoor.

3. Children’s Museum of Houston:

Childrens Museum of Houston

I think there is not a single building wider than the building of Children’s Museum of Houston in Texas. Well, I am talking about any building about kids and their fun. The museum recently expanded its building structure to accommodate more kids at the same time. Your kids may enjoy and experience an exhilarating climbing experience in the three-story Power Tower section of this museum. Another section called FlowWorks is enough for kids to understand how actually the hydropower works in reality.

4 Glazer Children’s Museum, Tampa, Florida:


Glazer Childrens Museum, Tampa, Florida

I can bet that your kids will enjoy several newer experiences inside the building of Glazer Children’s Museum because the museum added a lot newer to make your summer more enjoyable and funnier this year. This museum came into being last year and they added several newer things to enjoy this year within?their building of around 53,000 square feet. Your kids will find many minds-on, hand-on interactivities inside the building.

5. EdVenture Children’s Museum, Columbia:

EdVenture Childrens Museum, Columbia

EdVenture Children’s Museum is definitely the most wanted and famous place in Columbia for every kid. It is also regarded as the home to the worlds largest child i.e. EDDIE. The 40-foot high body of this largest kid in the world is available to play for every kid and kids really love climb inside his body just to explore more things about his brain. They love playing in his stomach and use his intestines to slide out. It could be real fun for your kids this summer.

6. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, California:

Childrens Discovery Museum of San Jose, California

Children’s Discovery Museum is a unique place in San Jose, California where kids have more than 150 interactive exhibits to enjoy this summer. This 50,000 square-foot building has much to retain kids inside the building for hours. The kids are always welcome by this museum to tinker, prod, listen, crank and test plenty of items. I believe you will also have a great time in this museum with your kids.

7. Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Baltimore:

Port Discovery Childrens Museum, Baltimore

Port Discovery Children’s Museum is a great place for kids in United States which is consistently being ranked among top five kids friendly places in the country. There are dozens of hands-on experiences to have by your kids on any of its all three floors. The museum doubled its exhibit space this year especially for toddlers and infants as they added new Tot Trails in this section.

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