Who invented Rubik’s cube?

The story of Rubik’s Cube does not extend very far back, although we may feel it has been around for us very long.


In 1974, a Hungarian architect, Erno Rubik, made an object that would initially be impossible. The cube that could be turned and turned in all directions did not break anyway. Eventually, this cube also got color and when he finally finished it, Erno actually took 1 month to fix it himself. Little did he know that this game, or the cube, would be the world’s best-selling toy, all over the world, ever.

Magic Cube

The first cube that was developed was launched as “Magic Cube”, or indeed “Buvos Kocka” in the home country. In fact, they were twice as heavy as those we know today. At that time, the Communists ruled Hungary, so how could this cube succeed, given the iron curtain and the strict import and export controls?

It happened by chance. The cube was taken abroad at conferences and right here they were met by Tom Kremer, who wanted to sell these in their stores throughout the world. Ideal Toy Company took the distribution of the cube worldwide and launched it as “Magic Cube”. Shortly afterwards, it changed its name to «Rubik’s kube».

Over 400 million cubes have been sold worldwide, and 1 in 7 people worldwide have tried to solve it. The cube has been involved in everything. In pop videos, big Hollywood movies and even had their own tv show. The cuddle with Rubik’s Cube is that, when you look at the cube, you know exactly what to do and what it’s all about, without having to read any user manual. At the same time it is virtually impossible to solve it, just without a manual.

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