Top Women’s Fashion Trends In 2013

As we enter the summer months, you may well be thinking about sprucing up your wardrobe. How can you ensure that you select garments that will be fashionable, stylish and also practical. The key is to examine the latest trends, but to make choices that reflect your own personality.

When you see a particular garment or accessory being showcased on the catwalks, you may find yourself naturally reacting in a negative manner. At first, the latest designs can feel as though they are simply too different. You want to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or stylish.

There will be other items that clearly produce a more positive reaction. In general, you’ll find that your initial reaction is a good guide to whether a garment will be suitable for you.

You do need to bear in mind, however, that your feelings may change over time. What appears on the catwalk won’t necessarily reflect the end product that arrives online, or in local stores. That transformation may mean that you feel more comfortable, changing your approach.


Forget about matching

We are all programmed to look for clothes that match. We think about colors and patterns, with the specific aim of ensuring that we end up with a look that is fully co-ordinated. It clearly takes a great level of confidence to achieve that co-ordination, without sticking to the basic rules.

By stepping beyond your usual comfort zone, however, you can create a look that demonstrates your fashion status. This summer is all about pairing garments that make use of mixed prints. So you might opt for a lightweight skirt using a checked design, for example, when combined with a printed top.

The key to success here is to concentrate on selecting patterns that differ greatly. That may sound like a strange rule to adhere to, but it means that you have the ability to show that you have made such selections intentionally. It’s easy to fit in with the crowd, but only the most stylish have the ability to really stand out.

Accessories, accessories, accessories!

The power of accessories is not to be under-estimated. That’s why I decided to mention it 3 times in the heading of this section!

You may not have an enormous amount of money to spend on individual garments, but you’ll discover that this needn’t be a problem this summer. Beautiful designer charms from KC Designs, or elegant necklaces, can create a real impression.

The beauty of accessories is that they have the ability to lift what you are wearing. It means that you can take something that seems ordinary and can turn it into an entire outfit that is truly stunning and extraordinary.



How do you stand on the issue of overalls. It’s fair to say that some women love them, while others have a tingling feeling of hatred when they see them. Whatever your view, the truth is that overalls are here to stay in 2013.

They have been showcased on leading catwalks around the world and have been catching the attention of the fashion press. You may doubt the longevity of some designs, but opting for an overall this summer could be a great way to create the impression that you desire.

Some would suggest that these pieces will actually work well throughout the seasons. If you specifically have summer in mind, then the best advice would be to stick with lightweight materials, for that important sense of practicality.


Dan Globus has many years of experience within the jewelry and fashion industry. He offers advice and a range of style tips online.

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