Your Kids Will Love These Entertaining Summer Activities

Kids are always in demand of new entertaining activities throughout their summer vacations and this is not the case on in United States but study-free kids becomes messy in almost every corner of the world. You need to think wisely and find those activities that are not only entertaining but also develop interests of your kids to keep them busy and give you some spare time for your routine work. All the summer activities listed below wont bring words like Mon, Im bored! to all summer.
1 Blow Bubbles:
Well, this is not an ordinary, old-fashioned bubble blowing activity. We give you a totally different idea this time. Take a pencil and a paper cup. Poke a hole in the side of paper cup using pencil. Pickup a drinking straw, stick through that hole until you feel it has gone through the halfway inside the cup. Now take your dishwashing detergent and start filling the cup until you see it has covered the straw. Pour necessary water. You are free to add up food color (only 1 or 2 drops). Thats it. Now use straw to blow gently to create mind blowing colored bubbles. The one, who makes the biggest, is the winner.
2 Playing Water Limbo:
Playing water limbo is another exciting entertaining summer activity especially for kids. You definitely have a swimsuit in your stock. Pick it up, wear it, go to your garden and turn on the hose. Now select any one player among you who will hold the nozzle while rest of the players will enjoy stream. The one who left dry in the end is the winner.
3 Paining Outdoor Canvas:
Majority of kids always love painting or brushing on papers and even on walls. You may select any butcher paper (dont forget to pick up a large one) or an old sheet (obviously larger one) and hang it on a clothesline or tape it on a wall or fence for your lovely to-be artist. He / she will use it as a canvas. Now bring him/her large brushes but dont forget allowing them to use anything else they want to include in this activity from outdoors, like twigs, leaves, grass etc. All this stuff can be used to make interest prints after dipping into the paint. Hows that?
4 Put on a Play:
You may allow your kids making masks using any spare item in your house like paper grocery bags. They can use these bags to make their masks easily by cutting holes for mouth and eyes obviously. They can make it even better by adding crazy eyebrows, funny noses and the hair using different stuffs or even using paints and other routine items like buttons, rubber bands, string or yarn. Your kids will literally enjoy this summer activity because it will allow them making all their favorite characters they watch on television.

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