Yuri Gagarin

50th Anniversary of the First HumanYuri ?Gagarin Spaceflight

There is no. of Humans who have gone in space whose credit goes to Yuri Gagarin. The man Yuri Gagarin gave the pioneering spirit, courage and dare to conquer the space. He is the first man to have travel in space. On 12th April, 1961, he completed the orbit of the Earth in 108 minutes.

Fifty years has been passed thats why to pay tribute there is celebration of his effort. 50th anniversary of the first human Yuri Gagarin spaceflight. Former Soviet fighter pilot Yuri Gagarin made the history of being first human who conquered the space.

Gagarin who has died said that I feel somewhat uncomfortable in front of friends that I spent only 108 minutes in space. A very short time but it was beginning.

Yuri Gagarin proved that a pilot can control the operation in spacecraft. A time when there was no idea how a man will react to the weightlessness of space.
Alexey Leonoy said, It’s like dressing a man in a suit and shoving him into a blast furnace, saying, ‘fear not, the suit will protect you.’ But nobody knows for sure if it will actually protect you or not.”
No doubt, the travel of Yuri was like a light for the upcoming mans missions in space.

Yuri Gagarin died in plane crash Mig 15 training jet in 1968. He was 34 years old.

Yuri Gagarin

50th Anniversary of the First Human Yuri Gagarin Spaceflight

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