Andrew Luck – Decision still pending

Hes the quarterback that every team would like to have and the one who most definitely should be the first pick of the NFL draft of the year 2011. The man who can as well be called a machine, hes the Andrew Luck whom on Monday night was the pick of the Stanford team with the Orange Bowl championship victory over the Virgina Tech and that too with quite a huge margin.
Today when every single team wants to pick Andrew Luck up for their squad, he is still quite unsure about his future motives. Afterwards of the game on Monday night, Andrew Luck gave an interview to the media in which he told apart that its the most important decision of his entire life time as well as his career so he has all the right to decide on the subject of him going to any NFL team or just living on with the same team as was before. Stanford is the team that has made him into what he is at the moment and it sure will a real tough decision for the Andrew Luck to go for any big alternative at the moment but he has to decide and that too till the fifteenth of the same month that we are in at the moment.

Whatever decision that you will make, we are with you Andrew Luck and if you decide on to remain with the Stanford than still we want you to be happy as well as play to your utmost professionalism as you are doing at this time.

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck Decision still pending

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