Batman under the red hood

Our famous super hero named Batman is back and this time with far more vengeance on offer within the animated direct to DVD version of the Batman under the red hood. The Batman under the red hood is released on by the Warner pictures and that too directly on the DVD and the release time will be at or around the twenty seventh of this month. This time within the Batman under the red hood, the plot is much more severe and vengeance based as the Batman has to face all three of its worst enemies at the same very time as well as the Red Hood who is the same and a replica of the Batman himself but as he does not follow any sort of ethics that our superhero confirms up with for ages, is the villain in the story. The Red hood hates batman for his everything and most certainly the love that he acquires from the Gotham City people and wants to get rid of Batman forever, whereas though he is a severe competitor within the Batman under the red hood of the Batman himself, he is not the only one that is giving headaches to batman. The joker , Red hood himself as well as the Black mask, which previously were the most dangerous of them all will come and join their hands together in removing the superhero once and for all. This action packed DVD release will feature some great behind the scenes footage and everything that you want from your superhero once and for all.

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