Bear Gall bladder, one of the most valued commodities of Black market

Today, the broadest search of Google Trends is Bear Gall Bladder Uses as there is a big hit regarding this topic on internet. It gives the impression that people are mush curious about the effectiveness of this particular organ, gall bladder that comes to human from animal. So, everybody wants to know its importance as many questions humming in mind related to this most searching trend.
There are some interesting facts that tell you people about the benefits of this bear gallbladder as bile is produced by gall bladder that was often used in the traditional Chinese Medicines. Bile is said to be a fluid that liver is synthesized. Then this fluid is stored in Gall Bladder in order to conceal into the small intestine with the help of bile ducts.
The further step experienced by bile is that it helps in the absorption of fatty acids and cholesterol as well as it takes away a lot of waste products from liver to intestine. It is also said to be a good medicine for those who wants to lose their weight. Thats why, it is the most highly commodity on the black market. In domestic market, its price is about $400 to $600.

Although, this illogical act prohibited by law as this kind of medicine is extracted from a bear. It is quite illegal anywhere in the world to kill a bear and uses it for a trade purpose.

Bear Gall bladder

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