Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley-mantoos newsBobby Lashley is a famous wrestler of the MMA; he has also wrestled in the WWE. He had a very successful career in WWE and he also won some championship titles. Recently Bobby Lashley was injured badly after a fight with Chad Griggs.

He had a match with Chad Griggs in which he didnt just loose but he was also injured very badly. He was taken to the hospital on a stretcher. You can also see the videos of his match on YouTube and many other websites. Sources report that Bobby was dehydrated and the doctors used pumps to put fluid into his stomach so that his body can regain the moisture. The CEO of Strikeforce said that he thought that he went to the hospital just to get his eye stitched.

The CEO of striker force further said that the loss of Bobby Lashley was not expected and Bobby was supposed to win this one. He said that the future of Bobby in the MMA might be called in for some questions. His loss to Griggs was very surprising for the CEO as well as for his fans. Scott Coker said that he will talk later on with Bobby that what he really wants to do in the future, he said that Bobby will have to do some hard work for becoming good. He said that if Bobby will decide to fight then they would love him to make a good come back in the MMA. Will Bobby come back to the MMA or not, only time has the answer.

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