British Open

Yesterday was the very first day of the British Open Golf championship and though Tiger Woods is looking pretty smart on the green he as well seems to be quite frustrated over the selection of the shots that he is playing at the moment. The Tiger Woods within this years British Open is at present within the tenth hole is three under par but to every ones surprise the first day of the British Open is mainly a head start for the former British Open in the very yr of 1995 champion, John Daly who played some of the most brilliant game and at the end of the very first day of the championship is leading the table.

It pretty much seems the way that this British Open will be a contest between the Tiger Woods and the John Daly, two of the most prolific players in the history of Golf ever, but who have a lot of grudge to cover against each other. The very first day of the event was filled with great sights of loads and loads of people coming on to watch their favorite golfing heroes as well as some of the most spectacular shots, tees as well as the birdies that one could ever imagine.

Tiger this time round has just recovered from a serious mental and emotional breakup with his beloved wife and at the moment is trying to look further into his future. So can he do it this time in British Open, only time will tell?

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