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Oprah’s Half Sister ‘Patricia’

Did you see the Oprah television talk show on Monday? There was no something

David Nelson

Sad news came in as we got to know that David Nelson is the

Debbie Friedman death

Debbie Friedman death is the latest sad news that is now taking over the

Ed Reed

Brain Reed is the one who is making news as for now. He is

John Edwards engaged

John Edwards engaged . Do I still really need to add more to a

Steve Buckley

Well we have the latest news when it comes to 2 of the most

Roger Ebert cancer

This news might actually turn out to be emotional for the readers as it

Johnny Weir

This is one news update that will kind of blow your mind. Johnny Weir

General Vang Pao

A general who served in the Royal Army Services of Laos, who was highly

Ben Roethlisberger engaged – A truth or a mystery

Rumors in my opinion is all in all that the internet world can be

Maria Menounos bikini malfunction – show her intimate parts

She is the host of Access Hollywood and the most loved TV personality of

Symphonicity – Sting once again

The Sting has always been on the high note with masses but his recently