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Idiot with a Tripod

Do not ever think that small packages are for small brains because sometimes they

Mark Wahlberg on His New Film, The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg is one of the names in show business who are not only

Movie star

Tara Patrick is themovie star as we know her whom acts in Pornographic movies

Javier Bardem to star in movie about Chilean miners

He is the man that we love the most and then on he is


Robot is the upcoming movie of Rajinikanth Endhiran. It is the most anticipated Indian

Endhiran review

Indian film industry has forever been quite a strong contender for the top most

The Mist

The horror film genre is the most favorite one, that movie goers all across


The only real entertainment that we ought to have from the past century is

Rakta Charitra songs

Ram Gopal Verma is just not a name, he is a legend and prior

Angry Birds games, turned into movie

A genius idea is something that either turns your luck over the top or

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Where, as per now the things are quite murky for the new businesses as

Deathly hallows trailer

Our little Harry Potter is at it again with the brand new release of