Censored Jesse Ventura

Censored Jesse Ventura is news that has not only shocked the entire news world; it has also activated discussions amongst common people, journalists, and media groups, so on and so forth.
Censored Jesse Ventura is one latest news buzz that is raising loads of questionnaires.
The whole Censored Jesse Ventura news has formed conceptions and misconceptions that are being formed together.
Jesse Ventura is a man of views and is willing to express them freely but his posted articles and/or news updates were recently blocked / removed by the higher authorities that really got the man going crazy.
He wishes to further investigate the happenings that took place on 9/11. Ventura thinks that it is certainly not possible that such a huge built sky scraper can tumble down to ground with fire. He has compiled a whole list that states some scientific facts in this regards. He is looking for justifications and answers to it.
The latest update is that his latest released articles over the show known as conspiracy theory highlights some pretty hard facts that are not acceptable by the higher men. Therefore certain news updates provided by Jesse Ventura have been censored by the The Huffington Post and government bodies.
You can take a close look at what he himself had to say following the censorship of his news work here:

The news analyst is willing to start debates on what he has named dirty secrets government will never tell the men of common society.

Being able to convey an opinion and to question any sort of activity is a basic right of every men.

Jesse Ventura

Censored Jesse Ventura

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